The Best Looking Rugged Phone in 2021- F150 B2021

F150 intends to challenge the accepted industrial design standard of the rugged phone industry. F150’s first product is the B2021 set to go on sale in January of 2021. This device employs several octagonal shapes and lines in its design.

Pencil sketch of F150's B2021 in the initial design stages

Interesting and Unique color  

F150's B2021 rugged smartphone comes in 2 colours, sahara color and black

The first thing that strikes you with this rugged phone is the color. F150 B2021 comes in 2 colors. The black color and the desert yellow. Most rugged phone manufacturers use rubber, aluminum, and very rarely leather in making their designs. This limits the color available to consumers. We here at F150 use cutting-edge plastic technology to achieve ruggedness, giving us the flexibility to offer a wide variety of colors. The yellow color was inspired by the desert. We believe outdoor enthusiasts will relate better to this color. Most importantly, they will have more colors to choose from instead of just black and metallic (ash or grey) colors.

Rear Cover Design

 F150's B2021 rugged phones rest against a rock, the lines and octagonal rear design is on full display

The phone’s rear design uses a lot of lines and octagonal patterns. This design approach is used to portray a feeling of wildness and rough outdoors. This design is also practical because it enhances the grip and prevents slips 

Unique Rear Quad Camera

 The camera bump on the back of F150's B2021 rugged phone comes with 4 camera and 4 flashlights.

Also on the backside of the smartphone, there is a unique camera bump, which looks unique and inspired by the headlights on tough off-road cars. The bump features four cameras and four powerful flashlights to imitate the looks of a tank or car’s headlights.

Designed For Convenience

  F150 B2021 rugged phone is designed for convenience, easy to hold and use with one hand

F150 B2021 has a length of just 158mm, a width of 78mm, and a depth of 18mm, this phone is not only portable but easy to use. Also, the buttons on the side are enlarged for easy reach for a great user experience.

A Different Approach to Ruggedness


Cross-section view of F150's B2021 rugged phone


As mentioned earlier, B2021 uses the latest technology to achieve ruggedness. Rubber is used to reinforce the edges and protect the phone against crack during a fall.  

B2021 has passed IP68 and IP69K test, making it drop-proof from a height of 1.5m and water-resistant at a depth of 1.5m for 30mins. This rugged phone is also dust-proof and shock-proof.  B2021 is also MIL-STD-810G certified.

F150, No Tough, No Safe

F150 is intended to change the way people look at smartphones with their unique vision and approach. Innovators are needed to inject new impetus into the phone market. Looking forward to seeing more creativity from F150 in the future.

F150 is scheduled to begin mass production of B2021 in the first week of January after the new year holidays.

The original price of B2021 is pegged at $199.99 on Aliexpress and Banggood but word on the street is between January 18th-24th, B2021 will be sold at 55% off at $109.99. If you are interested in getting it, you can subscribe to the global open sale on its official website. 

The company is recruiting 10 F150 B2021 trial users to experience the phone for free. The winners will help the company to test the phone to improve its experience in the initial period. Finally, there are 10 units up for giveaway from the company. Check out more details from here

NOTE:  Only Europe, Brazil, Middle East, Asia Southeast versions are available for initial sales. (US, Canada & Mexico versions will be made available in March)



Images: Download Images of F150 B2021 here



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